NEGAUNEE — With winter starting to hit the U.P. many anglers are getting ready to cast their lines out and hopefully catch some fish while ice fishing.



There are still rules and regulations that must be followed by all who participate in fishing on the lakes in Michigan, especially on Teal Lake in Negaunee.

A large issue among ice fishing is the garbage or man-made waste left by anglers. This can include fishing gear, food and beverages and even things like cigarette buds.

These items can lead to pollution and can also damage an ecosystem affecting future fishing. The city of Negaunee is starting to see this littering on Teal Lake.

“We at the DNR were recently contacted by the City Manager of the City of Negaunee asking us if we would be able to have our conservation officers step up littering patrols here on Teal Lake,” said DNR Public Information Officer, Deputy John Pepin. “Especially toward the end of the season, if folks are leaving garbage out on the lake or not bringing in all the stuff they brought out there it can cause problems; not only for the ecosystem but also for all types of people using the lake.”

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