Teacher from Republic-Michigamme Schools wins award

REPUBLIC – MICHIGAMME — An award to a teacher from Republic-Michigamme Schools was surprised with a large sum of money that will be going torwards students future in .

Matthew Barbercheck and the Republic-Michigamme school has won $50,000 as one of 15 second-place winners of the 2018 Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence award. The award recognizes outstanding instruction in the skilled trades in U.S. public high schools.

The second-place winners have received $50,000 that will go to pushing students to enhance their skills in Trade work involving wood working and welding.
$15,000 of the award will go to Matthew Barbercheck to use at his discretion and $35,000 will be going to the high school to support the winning skilled trades program.

This teacher is also very happy that he has the chance to make these students academic and future careers more fruitful.

“It is really empowering to know that I could be driving downtown South Republic even and see a store that maybe a student I taught or inspired,” said Award Recipient, Matthew Barbercheck. “Maybe what I did played a part in that. So anything that makes my job easier to do that is a huge boost and just keeps me moving forward.”

Mr. Barbercheck also hopes with this award he will be able to continue to challenge his students at becoming better craftsman.