MARQUETTE — Early Tuesday, party headquarters on both sides stayed busy making sure that no vote went untouched.

As many people took to the polls on Tuesday morning, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Bill Schuette, was in Marquette at the Republican headquarters making phone calls to ensure that citizens were exercising their right to vote.

“The enthusiasm that I’ve witnessed and experienced across the state is pretty incredible. I’ve been back and forth; north, south, east, and west. From Lake Huron to Lake Michigan and parts in between in the last four days in a non–stop effort to get our message out” said Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Bill Schuette. “So, I feel great about things. We’re going to win, these things; they’re tough, they’re hard but we’re going to come out on top. As they say 51–49, I may keep people up late tonight, but –you know– that’s all right. But, we’re going to have a great victory today up and down the ticket.”

In the race between Schuette and Whitmer, he says he is confident that his message and efforts are going to be heard.