NMU rugby is heading to the playoffs

MARQUETTE — NMU is known for some sports such as Hockey, Basketball and football. But one club sport has been making a name for itself over the past few years.
That sport is the NMU club Rugby team known as the Moose men…


The team has been in the top ten in the country for D2 rugby club for the past few years and now they want to make it further this year.

“Very happy we have made the playoffs again,” said NMU Rugby Coach, Jordan Buss. It is the fourth consecutive year. Very proud of that and the boys and they have really pulled through. We had a good start to the season. We were scared because we lost half the team that graduated last year. We were really trying to rebuild and recruit this season to get more players in. We did well and we got a good squad.”

And this team has been able to come from a rough situation and really bring their ‘A’ game.

“And they have just grabbed this opportunity with both hands,” added Buss. “They have learned the game so well and in a short amount of time and just really enjoying the game. That’s the best part for me as a coach is watching these guys enjoy the game and make it to the top. I’m very proud.”

The Moose men are training hard for this playoff game and are hoping that it takes them all the way to Madison Groves for the Championship win.

“I think that is going to help us through this first week of playoffs and hopefully into Madison Groves,” said NMU Rugby Captain, Adam Ortman. “Our goal is to get past Madison Groves this year; we fell a little short last year. It was tough for the upper class-men last year but know we are coming back with a vengeance. We are trying to put our ball club on the map of the national ranked Rugby clubs.”

Even some of the newer members feel that they can make this championship a reality, as long as, they put in the work and work as a team.

“We need to put in more work and get down all of our plays and just work together as a team,” said NMU Athlete, Gus Reynolds.

The NMU Club Rugby team will be hosting a play-off match at home next weekend.

This Match will decide whether or not the NMU Rugby team will progress to Madison Groves for the last few matches of the Championships.