Township talks about grant for ice rink

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Township Board conducted a meeting this evening.

They discussed many topics including an issue with a local ice rink at Lions Field in Marquette. There has been reported damage being cause to cars and houses due to rouge hockey pucks leaving the rink.

“It is something we have wanted to do for a while,” said Marquette Township Manager, Randy Girard. “We have fencing up now and we have a rule there that basically says (No Slap Shots). But as everyone knows; anybody who plays hockey or roller hockey, you always try for the upper left corner. So they have been bouncing pucks and balls off of the top of the net, which launches them over the current fence.”

To ensure the safety of homes and local property the board is applying for a Par Plan Risk Reduction Grant to increase the fence around the rink.

The boards voted in favor of the proposal for the grant, and are now working towards the next step in the process.