NMU holds their 51st annual Fall Semester Job Fair

MARQUETTE — Over 80 different employers came to Northern Michigan University to attend the 51st annual Fall Semester Job Fair.

From Criminal Justice to Nursing, the job fair is intended for all majors.

One of the roles Northern Michigan plays is to make sure their students have opportunities beyond graduate school or a job instead of graduate school.

A lot of the employers who were in attendance today are Northern Michigan Alum.

NMU is excited to have their alum come back and help their current students get employed.

“Many times you’ll see at our tables there will be Alumni reps today going through and passing out pins for employers. A lot of folks who have gotten jobs from Northern as students are now working with these companies. Now they’re back recruiting Northern students,” said Jim Gadzinski, Director of Career Services.

Between 300 and 400 Northern Michigan students were estimated to attend this event.