MARQUETTE — A Walk of Solidarity to stand with survivors of sexual assault was held this afternoon the NMU’s campus.

The importance of today’s ‘Slut Walk’ was to make the point that clothing does not equal consent, nor does sexuality.

They started in one of the dorm halls and walked to the center of campus to begin their ‘Silence is Not Consent’ rally.

“Women are over–sexualized in society, so the idea behind a slut walk is that we should not be ashamed of what we’re wearing and that we should not be ashamed for our sexuality” said co-organizer, Brooke Tharp.

“It’s people sharing their own stories with us, it’s sharing with each other, it’s realized that this is a bigger cause than what society deems women as –just sexual objects” said co-organizer, Lawryn Brown. “We just came together because we all share a common goal”

All genders were welcome to join in the event and participant’s dressed to their comfort level.

This was the last event for the university’s ‘It’s On Us’ week.