MARQUETTE —¬†There was a stakeholder’s meeting for the Founder’s Landing Piers project held at Marquette’s Municipal Service Center this evening.

The stakeholders meeting was made up of local leaders and groups who were interested in what might be done to add onto the Marquette’s Lower Harbor. The Project Manager, George M. Meister, went over some of the possibilities and also talked about what the structures were used for back in the day.

They went over possible ideas and plans for what the piers may be used for. Some ideas that were mentioned were types of market places for artists.

They even mentioned a type of dock system for shops, events, and maybe even music. The project manager also gave out a flyer to the group to see what ideas they could come up with for a possible project.

They are going to be collecting the ideas and or proposals on October 12th to see what may be the future for these piers.