MARQUETTE — A name change and gender inclusion is happening nationwide for the Boy Scouts of America.



This year, Boy Scouts of America announced that they’re allowing girls to participate and earn badges just like the boys do.

Now that girls are allowed to join, the program will be changing its name from Boy Scouts of America to Scouts BSA. The corporate name will remain Boy Scouts of America.

“The existing boys troops will operate just as they always have been, there will just be the opportunity to form girl troops now in the Upper Peninsula” said Hiawathaland District Director, Patrick O’Brien.

Girls participating in boy scouts is nothing new, they are just able to have the same opportunities now.

“We have always had sisters and siblings that have been participating and it was just an internal push and there was some families that expressed interest. That’s kind–of how it got started” said the District Director.

Although the scouts are officially becoming co–ed there will still be boy dens and girl dens. They will just be able to meet with the same cub scout pack.

“I feel that it’s definitely a good thing for families. I have a family of my own and I have a daughter and two sons and I’m excited that we can participate in scouting as a whole family” said O’Brien.

The Boy Scouts of America organization is made up of the following four programs for youth:
Cub Scouts (Packs made up of K-5 Boy & Girl dens or all girl packs or all boy packs)
Boy Scouts (Troops 11-17 year olds)
Venturing (Crews are co-ed 14-20 year olds)
Exploring (Posts & Clubs are co-ed 11-20 year olds)

For more information on Scouts BSA or to find out how to join, click here or visit their Facebook page here.