Kneeling Rally held in Downtown Marquette

MARQUETTE — A Kneeling Rally was held in Downtown Marquette this evening where people came to have their voices heard.



The group is trying to be transparent and start conversations with people about racial discrimination and police brutality. Some of the rally members understand that this is an issue that shouldn’t be used as a political football.

They want to encourage people to come together and have a conversation, as well as, see all sides of this issue and to stop blaming groups and start to look at the actions of individuals.

“False Judgment goes both ways,” said Rally Organizer, Tom Moseley. “There are good and bad people in every profession. It’s just the bad decisions done in law enforcement results in death a lot of times and it goes unaccounted for. It just a human rights issue and we are just here trying to spread awareness and be transparent about it. It is a transparent issue and we are just trying to get the truth out.”

This has been a hot topic… But with transparency, respect and taking the time to have a civil conversation, the group hopes to bring the local community closer together.