HOUGHTON — School Season is upon us, and preparations are being made on the Campus of Michigan Tech as the university welcomes a new group of Huskies to the Keweenaw Peninsula. This weekend the freshman class will be arriving, eager to start their college experience with staff and upperclassmen ready to welcome them.

As many families will be visiting the Houghton/Hancock are this weekend, hotels are booked and the reason is it’s move in weekend at Michigan Tech. Parents come from all areas to see their high school graduates transition into college students and staff at the university is ready for their arrival.

Daniel Rutkowski, a senior RA, stated, “We’re really getting fired up and ready to go for move in. We’re super excited, it’s great to get everyone here because once we get all the students here that’s really when the university comes alive.”

Daniel is one of many RAs who will be lending a hand to the newcomers this Saturday. He and others will be doing everything from carrying boxes of their belongings to the dorm rooms, to helping them find their way around.

What are some of your duties as an RA?

“Helping them along, teaching them through our new residential curriculum, and just kind of helping them land on their feet, and get ready for the school year.” Said, Rutkowski.

Melanie Thomas is also a senior RA who will be assisting the freshmen and their families.

“Move in is… it’s their first taste of what it feels like to be a Husky. It’s overmuch a welcoming environment,” she said.

It was just a few years ago when she was new to campus.

She also said, “My first year, I lived in the first year learning experience community. Actually, I lived in Wadsworth Hall. It was a bunch of excitement. Everyone was so welcoming. Everyone just comes together for move in and its so great to see everyone come together, and everyone welcoming all of the ‘first years’ because they’re nervous.”

While many will be assisting those who have come here from downstate or neighboring states, another team will be on hand helping those who have come to the university from much further, as many newcomers will be crossing international boards to attend school here.

“We coordinate along with International programs and services the arrival of our international students. We have busses that our in Chicago that students can get on to come to Michigan Tech. They get here, it’s very early in the morning. They get off the busses and they go through an orientation program. We get them into their apartments or their houses it’s a very welcoming environment, and we’re as excited for them to be here as they are to be here.” Stated, Courtney Archambeau who is the assistant director of housing.

Although move in is Saturday, students will have more than a week to roam campus and learn their way around as classes won’t begin until September 4th.

“It’ doesn’t take a long time to get acclimated to campus because everyone is so welcoming here, it just all falls in place. And then they find their way around the school year. There’s always something to learn about Michigan Tech.” said Thomas.