MARQUETTE — The third annual Amarah’s Light Princess Parade will be hosted at Presque Isle on Saturday.



After their daughter, Amarah’s, tragic passing the Filizetti’s began this event began as a way to honor their daughter while also providing support to other families that are grieving a loss.

“We just based it off of how Amarah lived, everything was princess dresses” said Amarah’s mother, Stacey Filizetti. “So, it started out with the princess walk, but kids will show up in super hero or whatever they want. They’re kids, let them dress themselves and come and play.”

On top of having the kids come out to play, there will be t-shirt tie-dying and princess appearances.

Amarah’s father is thankful for what the organization has been able to do.

“It’s really an extension too of what the community did for us when we lost our daughter” said Wayne Filizetti, “There does come a certain joy when you see, on the day of the event, the kids smiling and happy because a lot of these kids have lost a brother or a sister.”

Registration begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday or you can register online. For more information, click here.