Local stroke survivor receives support

MARQUETTE — An atmosphere of support was felt Wednesday night, as a raffle fundraiser for local stroke survivor, Anna Dravland, was held.

The last 8 months have been a road to recovery for Dravland, after she suffered a rare and unexpected stroke. After progress, Dravland decided to return to her work part time, but the pain she experiences remains, even if it’s not visible. She’s decided to focus more on health and recovery, and the public has been right there to help.

“A big part of this for me is about raising awareness, because I’ve realized in my recovery that people look at me and see me smiling and see me standing, and  they say, ‘you’re doing great, she looks great,'” said local stroke survivor, Anna Dravland. “The truth really is, I’m struggling every day.  To make anybody more aware of it, to prevent anybody from suffering anymore than they have to, is just invaluable.”

Anna received local and even national attention back in March for the kickoff of her ‘Spread Goodness Day’ movement.