Marquette Chamber of Commerce holds small business event

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Chamber of Commerce hosted an event at Ampersand Co working Space today about their new recurring event called “If I Only Knew.”
Where people from the community come to talk about their experiences in business.

The July panel features young people, who have started a new business, offering insight into what they have learned in their first years as business owners. Some of these members include the owners of Escape Marquette, Velodrome and the Delft Bistro.

The Marquette Chamber of Commerce is trying to help small businesses learn and grow within the Marquette area.

“The first goal with anything the chamber does is obviously to have fun,” said Executive Director of Marquette Chamber of Commerce, Nick Steffey. “It is also to really enjoy the night and hopefully you get to learn something on top of that and that’s just the little extra toppings. We just want everyone want to be able to communicate with each other. It is a networking opportunity and it’s an idea to learn all what Marquette has to offer.”

The “If I Only Knew” events happen on the last Tuesday of every month.