The 17th Annual Marquette Blueberry Festival is here

MARQUETTE — Friday kicks off the 17th annual Marquette Blueberry Festival.

From actual blueberries to blueberry pizza, this festival has everything you could ever want in a blueberry.

It’s the festival that people wait for all year, it brings people from miles and miles away.

Over hundreds of vendors will be participating this year. One vendor who isn’t a stranger to the blueberry festival is a family owned business Spiessl’s Produce.

This year they have over a thousand pounds of different blueberries, including their most popular, the wild blueberry.

“What I really like about it is having a chance to see all the people supporting Marquette festivals and having blueberries especially. I’m always happy to bring the blueberries and have a chance to get normal blueberries,” said Max Spiessl, Spiessl’s produce.

A downtown pizzeria decided to do a spin on your average pizza to celebrate The Blueberry Festival.

When you think blueberry, you don’t really think of it as a pizza topping.

Aubree’s long time cook came up with the unusual but delicious “Blueberry Pizza”, which catches some patrons off guard.

“I think they come up and they’re kind of confused. They think its just going to be cheese with blueberries on it. It ends up just tasting like a dessert, like a blueberry pie, its super good. People are really surprised by it, but they also really like it. A lot of people come here just for blueberry pizza,” said Lauren Ingram, Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill.

The event also included street sales, live music and plenty of activities for kids.