MARQUETTE — Over the weekend, the Hiawatha Music Festival celebrated more than just its 40th annual event.

The Hiawatha Music Festival was recently given the State of Michigan Tribute Award. The award was given to festival staff and recognizes the success of the festival. With only two people being employed by the Hiawatha Music Co–op, much of the work is done by the volunteers.

One of the volunteers reached out to their friend and State Representative Sara Cambensy, and she helped get the ball rolling.

“It’s thanks to all the volunteers,” said Hiawatha Music Co-op Board President Katrina Keough. “If they weren’t so dedicated and happy to promote traditional music, we couldn’t do it.”

“That’s part of what the Hiawatha Music Co–op is about,” said Bobby Glenn Brown, one of the volunteers. “It’s not a weekend for us, it’s year round. And this wristband is reminding me not only of the great weekend that I had, but the things that I need to do to help my area and the festival be better next year.”

The festival is always looking for more help from both volunteers and investors.

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