MARQUETTE — The Animal Medical Center of Marquette is in its new facility creating a better experience for their furry patients.

The medical center designed its new facility to be less stressful on the pets and owners that come in for medical purposes. The facility is working on allowing animals to be less stressed when entering and visiting in the facility
They accomplish this task by having separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs to avoid scents to create unneeded anxiety. The facility has also made other changes such as adding a dog park, a cat playroom and even a bench to help lower stress within in the animals.

“We talk a lot about decreasing anxiety and so one of the things we are happy about here at this facility is a bench where our clients can sit outside with their dogs,” said Veterinarian and Owner of the Animal Medical Center of Marquette, Dr. Kellie Holmstrom. “So they can relax before they come in.”

The facility is also equipped with advanced technology ranging from heated cages, lift exam tables and other procedural equipment for surgeries.