ISHPEMING — This week, be on the lookout for volunteers cleaning the sides of the road.

The second session of the Adopt–A–Highway cleanup will take place from July 14th through the 22nd. 2,800 different groups around the state will be picking up trash on their two mile stretch of road. Each year, volunteers collect 65,000–70,000 bags of trash.

“We’ve got groups of scouts, boys and girl scouts, church groups, businesses, and it s great way for organizations of all different kinds to get out and show that they support their community, and beautify their particular community, and they also get credit with the Adopt–A–Highway signs on the sides of the road.”

Weingarten warns drivers to be on the lookout for volunteers, who will be wearing bright yellow vests. The final Adopt–A–Highway session will be held September 22nd through the 30th.

For more information, and to join the adopt a highway program, click here.