How to have the best 4th of July BBQ

MARQUETTE —  One of the staples that comes with Fourth of July is of course, grilling.

It all starts at your local grocery store, today we were at Meijer to give you all the tips in choosing and grilling the best steak for you.

All of Meijers meat cutters are certified, so they are the perfect people to help you with any questions you might have.

“It’s so much fun, when you can make everybody’s day, who doesn’t want to show up with the best steak at the grill. It makes me happy to be able to help people to do it right,” Paul Mousseau, Fresh Line Leader at Meijer.

At Meijer they cut their meat fresh every single day. One of Paul’s favorite’s is the “Cowboy Steak”.

This steak is a little bit different than any other steak.

“It has a lot of marbling, rib eyes are my favorite. You can see the marbling content in this steak. That assures a very juicy tasteful steak,” said Moussau.

One of the most popular items for the fourth of July celebration are hamburgers.

Meijer offers certified angus ground chuck for the best flavor.

I got some important tips to remember while cooking this Fourth of July favorite.

“A common mistake people make when they cook a burger is they want to flip it to many times. You really want to flip that burger one time on the grill. Also, try to refrain from smashing it down with your spatula. What youre doing is squeezing out all the juice,” added Moussau.

It is also recommended that you have a fire extinguisher handy just in case of any accidental grill fires.