MARQUETTE COUNTY —¬†Tomorrow is National HIV testing day and it’s important to get checked if you think you may have been infected.

The Marquette County Health Department is promoting the National HIV Testing Day so people can be checked for the virus. They stress that HIV is still a threat to all who have unprotected sex and or have blood to blood contact with another person.

It is very important to get checked due to symptoms not being easily detected for long periods of time. The CDC recommends that anyone from the age of 13 to 64 gets tested at least once in their lifetime.

No matter the area it’s always better to just get checked by any health department.

“People think because we live in the U.P. that maybe they are not as high of a risk,” said Marquette County Health Department HIV/AIDS Coordinator, Laura Fredrickson. “But it is out there and it can spread.”

The Upper Peninsula has about 160 people reported with HIV, but it is expected to be a far greater number.

For more information call (906) 475-7651 and or click here.