MARQUETTE — One Marquette Place is the newest luxury apartment complex with a waterfront location, at the edge of Downtown Marquette.

This complex will be housing over 68 different apartments and a new cafe. The first batch of apartments will be completed by October first and if you are a pet owner than you are in luck. These apartments allow up to two animals with certain restrictions.

The company wanted to give the community a sneak peak to have an idea at what might be a possible new living area for some. The overall reason for adding this new community is to help grow the Marquette community and strengthen its economy.

“It’s a good opportunity to create housing downtown,” said, Chief Architect, Barry Polzin. “You know it’s a nice place to be down by the water. But it’s also great to stimulate the businesses downtown and to have people living nearby.”

This new community will be completed by Christmas, but the cafe will be finished around spring. The new complex is located on 401 South Lakeshore Boulevard.

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