Eagle Mine, emergency services partner for simulated safety training

CHAMPION — Eagle Mine is partnering with local fire departments, ambulance services and Upper Peninsula Health System to train for and test the local emergency response system. Emergency vehicles will travel to the Humboldt Mill with emergency lights and sirens on as part of a simulated safety incident at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 13th.

Emergency response agencies participating in the simulation are: Eagle Mine Emergency Response Team; G4S Security; U.P. Health System – Bell; U.P. Health System – Marquette; U.P. Health System EMS; Ishpeming Township Fire Department; Ishpeming Township Police Department; Champion Township Fire and EMS Department; Humboldt Township Fire Department; and Marquette County Emergency Management.

Moulage, or fabricated injuries, will be applied to participants of the simulation. Participants will be placed in an accident scene, and local emergency response agencies will be dispatched to the Humboldt Mill. Members of the Eagle Mine Emergency Response Team and the G4S Security Team will initially respond to the incident to prepare the individuals for the arrival of our local emergency response agencies.

Community members traveling on US-41, M-95 or County Road 601 during the time of the incident simulation may notice emergency vehicles traveling to or from the Humboldt Mill for the simulation.