MARQUETTE — The Michigan Consortium of Advanced Networks held a listening session at Northern Michigan University and across the state to gather feedback on the best ways to strengthen broadband access within the state.

Gov. Rick Snyder created the MCAN for improving broadband throughout Michigan so that it would be able to improve the state’s economy through its digital platform. These listening sessions allow the community to learn more about broadband and to see its potential if integrated within parts of the state that are currently unavailable.

The capabilities of broadband can really increase commerce within businesses in Michigan, especially small businesses.

“I think the work is just really beginning in terms of what we can do to provide economical and reliable broadband services for all of our home owners and our endpoint users,” said, a member of the governor’s consortium, Seth Earl. “That also ties in to a lot of our small businesses. The small businesses can reap the benefits as we move away from a bricks and motors society and move into an eCommerce society. People now have the opportunity to generate revenue right from their own house hold.”

The listening sessions are a part of the process of formulating final recommendations for the state.

The MCAN report is due to governor Snyder by August 1st.