New condominiums bring changes to Marquette

MARUQETTE — What once was a railroad yard and gasoline storage facility will soon be One Marquette Place.

The developers bought this lot years ago with the idea of making it condominiums and eventually apartments and a retail complex.

They are hoping this conversion will be something positive for the city of Marquette.

“It contains some high value property, that benefits the city by the tax revenue generated. Property that we have remaining down there that’s yet to be sold is of significant value. So it doesn’t make any sense to leave that valuable property just sitting there, when it could be developed for the betterment of the whole community,” Michael Angeli, City Manager of Marquette.

The city plans to develop the shoreline with a boardwalk and most likely a dock going out into the lake.

The city of Marquette is adamant on maintaining public access to the lake shore. One Marquette place is scheduled to open this year.