Ishpeming City Council discusses 2019 goals, capital improvement plan

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council discussed goals for 2019 and the capital improvement plan at a special meeting Wednesday morning.

Police, fire, public works and other city departments discussed what projects or resources they need funded. Several of the largest needs revolve around updating software and technology.

The council also wants to prioritize setting aside funding for road repairs, not just in 2019, but for every year that follows.

“We have 45 miles of streets in the City of Ishpeming, and some of them are in pretty poor shape. We’re trying to use our money as wisely as possible. We’re using asset management techniques from the state, and what MDOT recommends, and the right mix of fixes,” said Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown.

Slown also said that the city usually waits until all parts of the project can be completed. According to Slown, this rarely happens, so the city has to stretch the funds as much as they can.

Some projects, like the ongoing USDA water project, focus on replacing and fixing one or two parts (water mains and limited road re-pavement), and the other parts of the project are shelved. The council members have scheduled another special meeting on June 13th to continue the discuss of the 2019 budget.

The council also voted 3-2 in support of purchasing a 32-acre area of city land. The land was acquired through foreclosure.

Although it is uncertain what the property will be used for, the council approved to buy the property for $1,100.