MARQUETTE — The possibility of a dog park at the future UPAWS location was discussed tonight at Ampersand Coworking in Marquette.

UPAWS plans on including a 2-acre, year-round, off-leash dog park at their new site in Gwinn, which is currently under construction. The public was invited out to a forum to address concerns, such as how to deal with animal behavior, and to provide suggestions as to what they would like to see done with the proposed area – including dividing the space into areas for both small and large dogs.

“Because we know we’re not always the experts on things like dog parks, especially around here, we really need to build a dog park and have that in place – and it has to be based off of the input of what the members of the community and the people who are going to use it want,” said UPAWS Executive Director, Kori Tossava.

According to Tossava, the park will be membership based, however the exact requirements to become a member have yet to be determined. UPAWS plans to release surveys in the future to better understand what the public would like to see.