Safety awareness to senior citizens about financial scams

MARQUETTE — The Michigan State Police visited Brookridge Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care today where they went over safety awareness for senior citizens.

The state police brought up safety awareness to the senior citizens about online scams and other crimes that are prevalent against this age group.

The presentation went into detail about scams that target the elderly through many different platforms. These include the internet, phones, fake court documents and even situations where family members attempt scams in person.

“Before you send any money out you want to make sure that people are legit,” said, Michigan State Police Trooper, Stacey Rasanen. “A lot of times through the internet they get hooked into things and end up sending money out and never receive their product. So again be careful about the websites that you are using and make sure that the people you are dealing with are legitimate.”

This presentation at the care facility was intended to decrease the number of victims being targeted by these scams.

It has also given awareness to the elderly on what they need to look for and how they can protect themselves financially and avoid these deceptions.