Safety tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness month

MARQUETTE — May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. As the temperature rise we will start seeing a lot more motorcycles out on the road.

This is the time of year that bikes get back on the road and if anyone knows safety about motorcycles it’s going to be Sherriff and ex motorcyclist to give you the top safety advice for riding your motorcycle.

“As an ex motorcycle driver, I drove a motorcycle from the time I was 15 to about 35. The one thing I always try to do was be a defensive driver, making sure that people are acknowledged that I was there and see me. Don’t just think that people see you, you want that acknowledgement that they see you.” Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff.

It’s just as important for people driving cars to know the safety about being on the road with motorcyclist. The top safety rules they recommend is to give yourself a little bit more room between you and the biker. Always check over your blind spot when you are merging.

“If you are in an accident on a motorcycle, you’re more likely to have more injuries. So every precaution to be safe pays off in the long run. I want to see everyone get home safe at the end of the day and put their car or bike back in their drive way and walk into their families,” Evan Fezatt, Motorcyclist.

The Harley Davidson in Marquette offers a riding class for people who want to get into riding motorcycles or simply brush up on some skills.

“We start our riding school right now, so it’s called riding academy. Basically we take someone whos never been on a motorcycle. We train them through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation here are on site. That actually do road testing and the written test and everything like that. That’s one way that we kick off this month is with our training,” said Jesse Zambon, General Manager of Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson does offer free safety checks on motorcycles.

If you are interested in enrolling in the riding school click HERE.