Proposed ordinance may affect rental properties

CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — A proposed zoning ordinance could change language that would affect short-term rental properties in Chocolay Township.

On Monday evening at the Chocolay Township Board meeting, the proposed changes were discussed – but not without some heated moments. The Chocolay Township Planning Commission has been working hard on the issue since January of last year, and recently held a public hearing on the issue. With the changes, ‘rental dwellings’ would be added as a permitted principal use in the commercial, agricultural and residential districts of the township.

Residents from the township, namely those from Lakewood Lane, joined as neighbors, stating that noise pollution, safety, and other factors, were reasons they were against short-term rentals in their area.

After debate, the board moved that it would separate the rental language from the proposed ordinance, and send it back to the zoning commission for further analysis and revision.