MRQUETTE — Schools from surrounding areas are getting a chance to get tours of the DeVos Art Museum for their annual Children’s Art Exhibition.

Every spring and fall the Museum located at the, Art and design building, at Northern Michigan University allows students to come and get exposed to local art.

This artwork is done by students from around the area and is then put up for show casing to the visiting students and public. These tours help inspire children’s imagination while connecting art to other subject matters.

“A lot of times people don’t think art relates to subjects like math or history and it opens up all those gates shows students they know a lot about the world,” said, Curator of collections and outreach at the DeVos Art Museum, Emily Lanctot. “It gets them to be better examiners or explorers of their own world. We really want kids to be able to enjoy and students able to learn from art and enjoy art experiences.”

The exhibit gives the opportunity for young artists to get their work out and express their imagination and creativity out to the public. The Reception for the young artists and their families at the museum is May 18th from 5:30-8 pm. The exhibition ends on May 27th.

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