Westwood students host 3rd annual Peer to Peer prom

ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP —¬†Westwood High Schools students, who are in the general education courses, hosted their 3rd annual Peer to Peer prom.

The event happened Friday morning, where the students paraded through the school and ended in the computer lab where the party began. The event was made to help give Special Education students a chance to enjoy prom in a safe environment.

This prom was created through the students and donations that were given by local businesses.

“So the students in my class you know are with me all day and there are lots of times the other students don’t get a lot of interaction with them,” said Special Education Teacher, Mandy Moebius. “This is a fun way for everybody to interact with each other, and get to know each other better.”

This event happens every year and the students are always looking for people to give donations to the program for the prom.