HOUGHTON — Are your children safe when they’re on the Internet?

“It’s unreal the number of predators that are out there that target our kids,” said Homeland Security Agent Todd Wilton.

Wilton is educating parents and students about many of the inherent dangers of the cyber world.

“Our kids are no less vulnerable up here in the Upper Peninsula especially up were with the long winters, kids tend to have a little bit more screen time. Hence, that much more opportunity for the predators to find them and things to happen so I strongly suggest: Parents, keep any eye on what kids are doing son’t just give them a device and let them have free reign,” he said.

Wilton spoke to students in Chassell, on the campus of Michigan Tech and in Houghton, along with two student presentations. He also delivered a more in-depth presentation in last night that was open to parents as well.

He made reference to many local and U.P. cases involving online predators and steps parents can take to improve their children’s internet safety.

“The biggest thing I would recommend to all parents is: I would definitely invest in parental monitoring software. A couple other pointers, I highly recommend not allow your kids to have their devices in their bedrooms or after everyone goes to sleep. Spend five minutes, once, twice, three times a week, go through your kids phone, find an app and you’re not familiar with. Google it, if there’s is something that they shouldn’t be on usually there will be something on Google that says ten most dangerous apps that parents should know about or something along those lines and that’s obviously a clear indicator that your kids should probably not be on that app,” he said.

Agent Wilton will be holding one more discussion scheduled for Thursday at Jeffers High School at 6:30 p.m.