Madden trial day 3 focuses on forensics

MUNISING —¬†After a full day of testimony from jail staff and inmates, Deshawn Maddens trial continued for a third day in Alger County Circuit Court. The Prosecution brought in DNA and forensic experts to testify.

The defense claims that things could have been moved around by responding agencies gathering samples in the cell after Burks was found dead.

The forensic team sent in seven of the samples taken in the cell. In homicides cases similar to this, it is normal for only seven samples, but the prosecution is allowed to ask for more upon request.

“It’s our policy that we can only send seven samples from a homicide case. Plus two known samples, one from a victim and one from a suspect. So I had to choose seven samples to send forward for DNA testing,” testified Shannon Meloche, a forensic scientist.

Defense attorney Derek Swajanen asked, “Is there any forward approval on that, where you can get more?”

“There possibly is, yes,” responded Meloche.

“Did you check on that?”

“That would be requested by the courts if they wanted more testing done.”

We’ll have more on Thursday, when more witnesses are expected to take the stand. A verdict is expected to be reached on Friday.

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