NEGAUNEE — Spring finally seems to have made its way to the Upper Peninsula. With it comes the time to begin planting flowers.

Marigold Mania partners 4th grade students at Lakeview Elementary with the Negaunee Beautification Committee. In its fifth year, it allows students to help lend a hand in making the city of Negaunee a more beautiful place. Students got to take some time out of their day to plant marigolds and kick start making the city more colorful.

“There are, I think, 17 parks in the City of Negaunee,” said Negaunee Beautification Committee Anna Mattson. “We couldn’t possibly cover all of them. So this part, Marigold Mania, creates the beauty, and the environment gets enhanced. That’s our goal.”

Each student planted two marigolds in Lakeview’s greenhouse. The flowers will be transplanted to Miner’s Park in the first week of June.