MARQUETTE — The Johnson control incorporated initiative has given the city the capability to help update its traffic signals and controls within the community.

Over the next few months these updates will be implemented and soon the traffic signals will be programmable through a central computer system.

This will cut the cost and time out of manually programming the signals. Not only will this allow the city to make corrections quicker but it will also make traffic flow better during events within the city.

“Being able to have that ability to go in there and make adjustments based on the time of the day or the time of the year and the event will be huge asset,” said, Chief of Police at the Marquette Police Department, Blake Rieboldt. “Not only will this be positive for the city staff, but this will also reflect well on the community as far as efficiency and utilizing the intersections and travel routes that we have here in Marquette.”

These installments will pay for themselves over time and will help control the traffic more efficiently over time.

The updates will hopefully be completed sometime this coming fall.