MARQUETTE — Victims of sexual misconduct have been in the news a lot lately and Northern is being proactive with their policies for the future.


NMU has set up a committee to review and update the policies on campus and these trustees want to start with a specific topic.

“Our last board of trustees meeting, they formed an AD HOC committee of three trustees. That committee is charged with a review of our campus policies in general. More specifically they want to start with the policies related to sexual harassment,” said, Chief Marketing Officer, Derek Hall.

This policy review is just Northern looking for anything they can improve with in the current policies. However, they are confident in their current policies revolving around sexual misconduct.

“We are very vigilant when working with our students and employees who experience harassment. We have steps in place and our president is informed on all of the situations that happen on campus. We act quickly and we investigate as the law requires. You know we have been very successful in handling the cases and working with the victims and survivors. You know that’s our top priority, and we haven’t had any problems or situations with our policies but a review is always welcomed because you need to stay current,” said Hall.

Northern will continue with its review and stay committed to being proactive in keeping its environment safe.