Detective Hanes wins Officer of the Year Award

MARQUETTE — Day in and day out, our law enforcement officers work hard to make Marquette County a safer place. Today, one of them was honored.



During the March meeting of the Marquette County Law Enforcement Administration, five officers were nominated for the 2017 Marquette County Officer of the Year Award. Each nominee was honored for their service, and in the end, Detective Mark Hanes was the recipient of the award.

“You heard the nominations from the other departments and the officers, so Marquette County is lucky to have such outstanding officers,” said Hanes. “I’m just pretty proud to be up here. You don’t realize the things you’ve done over a career until it’s kind of pointed out to you, so it was a pretty good feeling for sure.”

Hanes has spent over 25 years in law enforcement, and has spent 20 with the Marquette Police department. He has also spent 10 years with the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team.