MARQUETTE — With businesses reaching more into a technology–based system, it may be hard for businesses to embrace interpersonal communication. NMU is hoping they can fix that.

Northern Michigan University’s department of Continuing Education and Workforce Development is hosting their third annual Learning to Lead Seminar on Friday, March 16th. This year’s “Back to Basics” theme will help those registered employ simple tactics to help improve the business environment.

“It’s those basic qualities. It’s customer service and communication; things that seem very simple, but you need those refreshers and need to be reminded of,” said Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois, Director of Continuing Education & Workforce Development. “How do you address people face to face? How do you address people on the phone? What are the differences? What are the things that you may just be forgetting about? Are you smiling when people walk in, or are you so busy that you’re not smiling, and you’re not engaging with those face to face actions.”

Five speakers will cover topics ranging from workplace communication to management. As a part of Spread Goodness Day, the seminar is being offered at $115 up until the final registration time.

For more information, visit their website.