The future of Marquette’s recycling system discussed

MARQUETTE — On Wednesday night, the Marquette City Commission held a special public meeting about city wide recycling at Lakeview Arena.

All parties responsible for waste management and recycling were present to answer any questions, or discuss concerns citizens may have had. Recently, a new contract with Waste Management gave residents the option to continue using the green bag system or switch to the new, dual cart option.

However, in January, it was voted that glass would no longer be among the recyclable materials processed by the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority. Options were presented tonight to solve this issue in the future.

“People do not want to just throw glass into the landfill,” said Marquette Mayor Dave Campana. “They don’t want to put it in with their regular garbage – they want to recycle it in some means possible.”

Of the 6,100 Marquette city residential accounts, more than 1,000 people have now been using the new carts.