MARQUETTE– On Thursday night, students at Marquette Senior High School invited members of the public to the MAPS Makerspace for an interactive Virtual Reality Experience.

Four VR stations with different headsets were available, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The open house session allowed people to explore what virtual reality is and how it’s being used at Marquette Area Public Schools to enhance educational opportunities. Hands on experiences and various games were led by a few students who are excited about the new technology.

“We’re just excited to offer this experience to the community,” said Marquette Senior High School student, Jacob Phillips. “Anybody that’s been interested in what we’re doing, or VR in general, can come check it out – we’re excited to offer that.”

“We also have students that want to create content for virtual reality, so that’s definitely a big part of it,” said Makerspace Director, Becky Simmons. “We have students wanting to be filmmakers and shoot 360 degree videos, so all of those things really play together in a space like this.”

Simmons says that the Makerspace is working to expand their VR arsenal, and hope to host more public experiences like this in the future.