MARQUETTE — Every year the warming center in Marquette is able to put together a Thanksgiving dinner for those in the community who might otherwise go without.

This year there will be poultries, potatoes, pies, and plenty more to be shared at Room at the Inn Warming Center, but what is really needed is volunteers. Community members and organizations donate food and goods to the shelter daily, but when it comes down to helping serve food or help with other activities there is still Room at the Inn.

“Thrivent Financial is a huge supporter of our Thanksgiving dinner and holidays in general. We have had donations from private local businesses; Gordon Foods Service is a huge sponsor, John Gilbert is another huge sponsor. We’d like to thank him very much, without Mr. Gilbert a lot of this wouldn’t be going on. We’re just trying to bring a little peace to the people that are homeless and hungry, bring back a little bit of a home feel, and make sure no one goes hungry,” said Greg Franklin, warming center Manager.

Thanksgiving dinner will be served at 3:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day at the shelter, but help is needed all day for serving breakfast and up to closing for cleaning.

If you have the time to help the shelter please consider, otherwise donations are also needed in the forms of food, winter gear, blankets, and much more.

For more information please visit their website.