Marquette County Health Department promotes Great American Smokeout

MARQUETTE — For many, quitting smoking is a tall mountain to climb. The hardest part is making that decision, but today is a good day to start.

November 16th is the Great American Smokeout, a tradition over 40 years old that encourages smokers to take that big step in their life. While smokers can quit cold-turkey, they can also make a plan to help them quit.

“We ask folks to consider going smoke free on that day, develop a plan for smoking, talk to a physician; some people use that day to decide to go smoke free in their home or smoke free in their car,” said Mary Harris, Health Educator for the Marquette County Health Department.

The Marquette County Health Department is providing people looking to quit with quit kits, designed to help people make a plan to quit smoking. The recent success of the Smokeout has been apparent and encouraging.

“We’ve seen, just in the pasy year alone, we’ve seen a decrease in e-cigarette smoking because of the national campaign last year,” said Harris.

And of course, the Marquette County Health Department encourages smokers to quit every day, not just today.