ISHPEMING — In the winter month’s suicide rates climb, especially for disabled veterans, so ‘Courage Incorporated’ along with the help of Anytime Fitness is working to stop this statistic starting now.

It is no secret that exercise is great for your overall health and it can be very important for mental health.Exercise increases endorphins which can help combat depression that may attribute to suicidal thoughts.

For the winter months, when these behaviors are more apparent, disabled veterans may stop by their local ‘Anytime Fitness’ anytime and at no expense.

“You get them in and give them a chance to work out and it helps them out not just physically but also mentally. It gives them a chance to maybe focus on other things and take the pressure of themselves and the tough things they’re going through and stuff like that. They’re able to come into the gym and workout for free as long as they want and have time to focus themselves and other things,” said Dave O’Donnell, Regional Manager for ‘Anytime Fitness.’

“And this a great way to get out you have a positive environment with positive people and there’s not an excuse to get out and enjoy it a little bit come in and exercise for the body and mind for a little bit, and get in shape for the summer,” added Nate Denofre, CEO of ‘Courage Incorporated’.

All Veterans are welcome and need only to complete some paperwork to be able to participate. For more information or help please visit Courage Incorporated’s website.