Local farmers market managers honored with re-certification

MARQUETTE — Although they’ve quickly become a staple in the lives of both tourists and locals, running a farmer’s market is more than just showing up early every Saturday – behind the scenes work, marketing, state permits and certification are required.

The Michigan Farmers Market Association recently recognized seven market managers who were re-certified through the Market Manager Certificate Program. Three of the re-certifications went to U.P. farmers market managers – Menominee’s Lucy Pier, Munising’s Treasa Sowa and Marquette’s Myra Zyburt.

“In the evolution of markets, the growth of them, and as information continues to change, and because it is a professional position then there are continuing education classes that they offer,” said Zyburt. “Each market has some unique situations, but there’s a lot that’s in common.”

“We’re really proud of these three ladies and all the market managers that work in the Upper Peninsula,” said Amanda Shreve, program director of MIFMA. “They have thriving market places and they’re doing great work.”

The managers completed more than 20 hours of training within three years on top of the required training. Pier, Sowa and Zyburt were honored today at an end-of-season meeting of the MIFMA. For more information on the MIFMA or to register for the MMCP, click HERE.