NEGAUNEE — The aftermath of meth labs is a heady process involving several different parties in the process of removing toxic waste and what may be left behind.

The public health code, amended in 2006, stated that houses should be condemned if they had active cook of methamphetamine within the residence until cleaned of residuals.

The health department’s job is to find residuals that can be left on surfaces after State Police clean–up. They also work to educate the public.

“I think some of the misconceptions is once the hazmat suit response and the removal of the initial chemicals has occurred that it’s a safe environment, and what studies have shown is that environmental exposure to children can result in children testing positive for meth just from environmental exposure,” said Patrick Jacuzzo, Director of Environmental Health at the Marquette County Health Department.

For more information on methamphetamine exposure or information on this topic please visit the Marquette County Health Department or visit their website.