CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — Over the lake and through Chocolay Township everyone goes to the Silver Creek Thrift Shop this weekend to get some incredible winter clothing finds.

Operation Winter Weather Wear is an event created to give out winter clothing for free to people who may need it. Many items from hats, gloves, boots and coats are being given out and donated with about one hundred coats given away on opening day.

“Our biggest demands right now are men and women’s coats and grade school snow pants, like six through ten, twelve. Anybody can donate as long as the items are new or like new. Anybody can come in we just have you fill out a little form and we’ll shop with you,” said Heather LaJoie, Outreach Coordinator for Silver Creek Thrift Shop.

The event is happening from November second to the fourth and Silver Creek Thrift encourages that people who can should donate.