A local High School dance team has the chance of a lifetime…a chance to dance at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

The Westwood dance team will be competing for the opportunity to dance at a Detroit Pistons Halftime show in January. The dance team has had quite a bit of success in the recent years.

“We have competed in the past, we’ve been competing probably since 2014, and we’ve come away in Wisconsin and Michigan with first or second place in our pom division. They invited us down and we’re hoping that we can win, so hopefully we’ll be able to do the same kinds of things we’ve done in the past,” said dance coach Sheri Hewitt.

The opportunity provides an experience that some members of the team have not experienced before.

“It’s pretty fun, and it’s a fun experience especially for the new girls, who haven’t done a competition before. Going to something big like this, it’s going to be really fun for them,” said Junior dance member Aubrie Magnuson.

The winning team will dance at halftime during the pistons game on January 27th.