MARQUETTE — On Thursdays this summer a crew from the Marquette county Conservation District and volunteers have been hard at work restoring the Chocolay Bayou Preserve.

Every week from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. a group of people get together to restore the Preserve that is now one year old. Projects include establishing trails, planting native plants, thinning out pine trees, and bringing in milkweed for the Monarch Butterflies.

“Pretty much anything we need help doing out here. We got a crew and we have a group of neighbors and supporters who also come out to help the crew on a volunteer basis. We’re getting a lot of work done on Thursdays,” said Executive Director of the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy, Chris Burnett.

The funding for these projects was provided by a grant from the Forest Service GLRI. The boardwalk in the preserve was also built largely by volunteers. Canoes and kayaks can come into the Bayou off of the Chocolay River And on September 23rd, the Bayou’s birthday bash will take place. There will be a boat race, music, food, and activities for children.

There is one restoration Thursday left this summer and to participate, contact the land conservancy.