MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Economic Club has provided the community a social network setting to discuss economic issues for 40 years.

The club kicked off their 40th year celebration Thursday morning with a breakfast at the Ramada Marquette. At the breakfast, the 2017-2018 line-up of speakers was announced. This year, the speakers will include a futurist, economist, a millennial, and others that will touch on topics such as terrorism and the economic impact on Colorado since the legalization of marijuana. The Economic club was founded to get people together to network in a relaxed setting and continues to grow each year.

“We’re 40 years old and we continue to grow so I think we’re offering something that the public likes. People tell us in our surveys they like to be able to network here and then we socialize,” said Program Chair of the Marquette County Economic Club, Tom Baldini.

The Economic Club encourages non members to attend their meetings and asks that you make a reservation by 5 P.M on the Friday prior to the meeting. To find out more information about the Economic club, you can visit their website here.