Coffeehouse posts welcoming sign that features different languages

HOUGHTON — A coffeehouse in downtown Houghton is receiving some buzz lately, but it’s not just from the caffeine.

A door sign with inclusive messages is catching the public’s eye. 5th & Elm Coffeehouse has had the welcoming sign displayed on the front door for nine months, but many are just now noticing it.

Owners Emily and Frank Fiala became concerned with negative comments about different ethnic groups during last year’s election. Emily found the sign and after a discussion, the owners put it up.

“I saw that and I thought ‘well, that’s the perfect thing to put up to make people know that we’re an inclusive spot and we welcome everybody and want this to be a safe place for everybody,” said Fiala. “We do get a lot of comments on it, too, so I think it reflects our customers well.”

The sign states, “Hate has no business here,” and “All are welcome here” in multiple languages. Frank says the message expresses their stance on the hate issue.

“You know, hate and some of the hateful verbiage, I guess, that’s being directed at different ethnicities is really not to be tolerated in terms of our shop, anyway, and in our community at large,” said Frank Fiala. “I’m very proud of that sign and I’m glad we have it up.”

The Fialas said the sign remains hanging because the message is still prevalent and the counter message remains present in society.